Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Iplayer on itouch 1st gen

I have an itouch 1st generation which will not upgrade passed os 3.1.3 version. I have always used it to watch odd things via iplayer on it in bed, it was so handy, but a week or so ago iplayer stopped working on the itouch, i couldn't believe it. Whether Apple tried to make us upgrade to a later model or what, it didn't work as i have a xoom which i could use. But my itouch is just perfect for what i use it for, either catching up with iplayer, not long programs but for example if i missed a house on homes under the hammer or something & the phone went, i can always see it on my itouch later. I googled the stoppage & other people were up in arms as well as me, but hey!!, it's working again, so thankyou Apple, or BBC or whoever  messed with it. I do of course also use it for music , videos & photos, it's a brilliant piece of kit, only thing it has no speakers, but i don't need any as i have other equipment if i require speakers, the ear pods are fine, otherwise i wake the wife up!!! Update, as of november 2013 iplayer is off the early models.