Friday, 8 April 2022

My hospital visit

 Yes as in the title I've been in hospital, I went in the Peter Smith Surgery Centre at the QE Hospital, Gateshead on the 15th of March, had the op in the afternoon, was out of bed in the evening & was home the following teatime.I was able to walk up & down stairs so was ok to go home, where the wife was there to assist. 

Before I go any further I was under DR Graham, & what a lovely man, the staff in ward 21elective were second to none, they were absolutely wonderful, I guess with staff shortages & covid etc we were beter  staying in the least time possible as they needed the beds, & to stop you catching covid whilst you're in there.

I had the spinal anasthetic & with the pain killers I must have been on I was ok , but the day after omg I was stiff & sore, so the first week or so I was struggling doing the exercses I had to perform, although I could manage them ok stood up holding on to a chair, lifting the operated leg, my right, out to the right, but layed on bed I have only just been able to do it without pain.

But I'm now at post 5 weeks & the improvement is amazing, I'm due to see my consultant at the qe to find out how I'm doing, I can walk unaided but I purposely still use one crutch or my stick to be safe.

Been in the QE for my 6 week check up & touch wood, it was ok

<to be cont>