RC stuff cont'd from my youtube channel

Just uploaded video of this red jeep  greenscreened onto some dashcam footage, I'll show how I did it shortly.

Here it is the Subotech 1521 jeep Ventura, a really well made 1/14th scale.

Link to view on my yt channel: https://youtu.be/OR1PRZf9i0Y  so take a look & enjoy.

I recently uploaded the follow up video of the above  with a hero7 onboard, but on deleting it to add something I deleted the 1st one instead, but I've uploaded both now, but it looks like i have a problem with my graphics card in my main i7 machine but I would have to upgrade processor etc, so probably more cost effective to replace the whole tower, so we'll see what comes available, maybe some offers around Xmas.

I am a fan of Davinci Resolve, but I've had to revert back to an old copy of  Pinnacle 15 studio, as resolve is very, very GPU hungry, & every time it upgrades it gets harder to use, but I do love using it.

This pic shows when I mounted camera on the bonnet, as it seemed more rigid than the roof, but to counter balance I placed the sj cam on the roof but the wheels were catching on the wheel arches when turning, so I reverted to just the roof mounting. 

I did put the gopro on the sj11x car, but the car is only cheap & is fast or nothing, not very controllable, so not worth uploading, but I will try it on the 4x4 Double E rock crawler shown below, when I get a chance.