Friday, 15 January 2010

Snow trails

With all the snow we have had in the last few weeks, it's been very interesting seeing all the different tracks in the snow of birds & animals.
we have a foxes den in our grounds & i thought they had moved on as we hadn't seen or heard them for a while, & the entrance to the den had not been used. But all is well as there has been fresh tracks every day leading back to near the original den, so they must have opened up a new entrance. The foot prints were in a near straight line but where the snow was deeper it was a continuous channel as the bushy tail had joined the foot prints up.
We also have a blackbird, a thrush, a robin & magpies drinking at the frozen pond, which has been frozen since christmas, apart from the waterfallwhich i leave running all year round just to keep a tiny bit of ice free surface for the gasses to escape.