Sunday, 10 July 2011

news of the world

Why is it always the ordinary working man who suffers for the incompetence & arrogance of those higher up, first it was the bankers, who are apparently still enjoying their bonuses, whilst we suffer the cuts, now the workers at NOW have had their jobs, while those who allegedily knew what was going on are still allegedily denying all & sundry.
We close train manufacturing here in Btitain & order trains from Germany, while Hitatchi are sending train parts to be assembled in the North East. Ok it creats jobs, but why can't we make something ourselves like we used to do.
We sold north sea oil & gas which we were supposed to be self suficient for years to come, but sold it abroad & bought it back at a higher price, where is the logic, the world is going mad. Politicians & people at the top just seem so far from reality.