Saturday, 17 October 2020

Double E rc Rock crawler

 This is an update on the rock crawler i reviewed  on the 15/3/20, as you can see I'm experimenting with cameras on it, but at this time I am awaiting batteries as the one I have doesn't seem to want to charge as it's not been used for a while. 

Update: the 4x4 decided to acquire a connection fault somewhere, but so far having stripped it down, I still haven’t found anything, so cannot try the 2D gimbal yet, so I’ll keep at it. I have tried the camera on top as in the pic, on the dampener & foam, but it’s worse than the mobius was on the front bonnet.

More to follow.

I have an sjcam on top with some dampening, & a mobius low down on the front.

But for something which probable will work I'm toying with the idea of putting the D2 gimbal off my old Cx20 drone onto a frame to hang at the front, & when I've managed it I'll post it on my youtube channel, should be fun!!
UPDATE: Didn't bother with gimbal off cx20 as i bought the gopro hero7 with it's own stabilisation.  

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the calm before another storm

Blackpool tower

Blackpool tower
The picture shows the view from the top of the tower looking down through the new glass floor, in August before the comedy patio thing which is brilliant, was finished. The illuminations are good in my oppinion, we had a trip through the lights on the coach, a Chris Cooper coach trip, highly recomended.