Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Putting RC red jeep on the road

Picture above shows the hero7 attatched to the roof.

First of all I placed the green cloth over bed head & bed as in the picture A small bit of shelving was placed under the cloth to keep jeep stable as it had to balance jeep on more pieces of wood, also covered with a bit of the green cloth so as nothing was seen under the truck with 

the wheels free to drive & turn front wheels where required. I also jerked the accelerator to make it look realistic, as much as possible,, it was only done as a giggle for the grandkids, but when I looked at it just now, I thought why not so here it is. I had main camera on trypod at bottom of bed as shown.
I did of course iron the green cloth when I filmed it, these pictures are just to show the set up.

I then edited it on Pinnacle studio with some dashcam footage,( I know the time stamp is on the dashcam, sorry),  then the jeep itself has to be resized to fit  in with the traffic sizes etc & here is the video on youtube Video link