Thursday, 29 April 2010

208 radio Luxembourg

Heard "the lion sleeps tonite" the other day, which reminded me of when i was having breakfast before going to college in approximately 1961 in Burnley Lancashire.
The program i listened to in the mornings was radio Luxembourg, which transmitted from 6pm in the evenings until about 1.0 am in English, but in German in the mornings.
Take your pick and double your money started out on 208 before moving to tv, and of course there was "horrace batchelor" with his keynsham Bristol football advert.
208 was about the only pop music program around in those days, until the pirates came along. Remember johnnie Walker on Caroline South with Percy Sledge's when a man loves a woman at 10.30 pm every night and the cars on the coast at Frinton Essex flashing their headlights.