Friday, 9 April 2010

some of my "life songs"

These are just some of my favourite songs which have a certain significance in my life up to now. there are more when i remember them, if i think about or if someone mentions a time or memory or whatever, it will almost always trigger a tune that was out at that time.
Fortune teller----Mersey beats
She loves you---Beatles
Little by little-----Stones
All over now---------Stones
Then only then------Julie Grant
Macarthur Park----Richard Harris
U made me so very happy--B.S & tears
Sometimes in Winter---B.S.& tears
Say a little prayer--Aretha Franklin
Close to you----Carpenters
Walk on bye---Dione Warwick
Something in the air--Thunderclap newman
Do you really want to hurt me---Culture Club
Piano in the dark---Brenda Russell
Cry me out----Pixie Lott
Music has always played a part in my life, i remember situations by the music of that particular time & place, for example, the Mersey Beats fortune teller came out as a b side & my mates & i were starting a group up so my mum bought me an electric guitar & amp from Pollards music shop near Burnley market on standish street, opposite the blackpudding stall.

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the calm before another storm

1957 Wolseley 6/90

1957 Wolseley 6/90
Came by this photo of one of my favourite cars of all time, the Wolseley 6/90 the other day which takes me back to when i worked at Rolls Royce at Barnoldswick, the Wellfield factory in about 1966. I had a Wolseley 15/60 farina model, but the engine blew up, & this guy who had a small backstreet garage across from the factory put a 1500cc engine out of an A55 in, but it just wouldn't pull so i popped across to see him. As i was looking around he asked me if i fancied this car, a grey 6/90 with a straight 6 2639.4cc engine. He wanted £38 for it so i bought it. The photo is from the original handbook from the car, pity i haven't got the car to go with it! It was an absolute cracker to drive, with a tiny gear leaver at the r/h side as the front seat was a large bench seat right across, an overdrive lever and handbrake coming from under the dash. The body shell was very thick, you couldn't dent the wing, they were solid, really well made. When i was down London doing a bit of recording, i picked up a black 6/90 with an Austin healy 3ltre engine in it but the diff didn't match, so it sounded beautiful but it did not have the power.

Blackpool tower

Blackpool tower
The picture shows the view from the top of the tower looking down through the new glass floor, in August before the comedy patio thing which is brilliant, was finished. The illuminations are good in my oppinion, we had a trip through the lights on the coach, a Chris Cooper coach trip, highly recomended.